Below you will find a description and pricing for common repairs on brass instruments. All work is done either on-site or at  our home shop.

For any work not listed or when combining multiple jobs, our shop rate is $60/hour.  The shop rate for professional instruments is $85/hour.

We offer custom modifications.  From slide reversals, to part fabrication, to custom conversions, if you want it, we can do it.

All work is guaranteed for 6 months.

Less common instruments not listed here such as piccolo trumpets, alto horns, bass trombones, etc. will be estimated upon inspection.


**SCHOOL ACCOUNTS receive a 25% DISCOUNT from the pricing listed below**


Brasswind job descriptions

Chemclean 1:
Instrument is completely disassembled and chemically cleaned.  Stuck slides are pulled.  Instrument is greased and reassembled.  Necessary corks and/or felts are replaced.  Rotor valves are restrung.  Instrument is play tested.  Case is cleaned

Chemclean 2:
Includes all of the services of the Chemclean 1 plus: minor accessible dents are removed, ALL corks and felts are replaced, piston/slide alignment, and severely frozen slides are removed. Case is cleaned.


Old lacquer is removed, instrument is disassembled and cleaned, slides and crooks are aligned, all dents are removed, valve casings are trued, pistons/rotors are honed and fit, precision valve alignment,  and necessary solder points.  Instrument is buffed, relacquered, reassembled, compression tested, and playtested.

Brass Repair - Sheet1 (2).png

*Add 50% for silver instruments

** Prices vary depending upon size and key of instrument 

Other Brass work

Pull stuck mouthpiece:                                             Free

Replace waterkey spring                                           15

Pull stuck slide                                                           15

Soft Solder point:                                                       15

Silver solder                                                               30

Solder ferrule                                                             30

3 soft solder points or more                                       10 each

Brace replacement                                                    25 + parts

Valve repair                                                               30

Casing repair                                                             30

Valve lap                                                                    40

Restring rotor valve                                                   15 each/30 for 3

Accessible Dent removal                                          15 and up

Major dent work                                                        by estimate

Waterkey replacement                                              20 + parts

Trombone slide alignment                                        40 – 60

Repairing crushed trombone crook                          60 + slide alignment (when necessary)

Trombone slide crook replacement                          50+ parts

Spot buffing and relaquering                                    20 – 50

Rethread valve casing                                              30