Warren performs repairs on acoustic and electric guitars, electric basses, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, and just about any fretted string instrument.

Warren was trained in guitar manufacturing as well as guitar repair while working for G&L Guitars while Leo was still running the company.  At Yamaha Corporation he handled quality control for high-end electric guitars, performed warranty repairs on all guitars and basses, managed guitar parts sales, and set up instruments for professional artists.

Fretted Instrument services include:

  • Restring

  • Adjust action and intonation

  • Repair and/or modify electronics

  • Repair cracks

  • Level and dress frets

  • Upgrade hardware

  • Appraisals

Every instrument is unique. We evaluate each instrument individually, and offer you a free quotation based on the services you request.  Our turn around time is very fast on most repairs.