Percussion instruments can be the most neglected sections of the school band because they are often used by multiple players.  Let us inspect, assess, and estimate any needed repairs free of charge.

Some of the most common services we offer by instrument are:


Timpani                                                             Concert Drums

Head replacement or tuning                                 Head replacement and tuning

Bowl dent removal                                                   Truing bearing edges

Pedal adjustment                                                     Snare adjustment, repair, or replacement

Gauge regulation                                                      Dent removal

Straightening bent spiders                                    Cleaning and lubrication

Hardware repair/replacement                               Hardware repair/replacement



Cymbals and Marching equipment           Keyboard Instruments and Chimes

Cymbal cleaning and polishing                          Restringing/rewiring

Crack repair                                                           Bar replacement or alignment

Sizzle installation                                                  Resonator dent removal

Drumline tuning                                                     Hardware repair/replacement

Hardware repair/replacement

Padding replacement