Performance Instruments


We offer a Performance instrument lease program geared toward the needs of the advancing student.

Performance instruments are made with higher quality materials and craftsmanship and offer better response and control, extended range, enhanced tonal quality and intonation, less resistance, and better mechanical precision and speed.  Better instruments aid in your student’s musical development and will help the entire band sound better!

Benefits of our Performance Lease Program include:

  • Payments apply toward the purchase of the instrument

  • Current lease customers can apply 100% equity from their active lease

  • Lease for up to 24 months

  • No obligation to buy

  • Receive a 10% – 40% discount from the balance for early pay off     

Below is a sampling of performance instruments available for lease.

Performance Instruments - Sheet1 (1).png

Instruments which retail for over $4,500 are available for purchase only.  50% of your payments from a Performance Lease Program may be applied to the purchase of an instrument over $4,500.

A 10% deposit is required on instruments over $3,000. If there is any remaining balance at the end of 24 months, it will be due at this time.

The minimum rental period for Performance instruments is 6 months.

Performance Instruments - General - Sheet1 (1).png