Below you will find a description and pricing for common repairs on woodwind instruments. All work is done either on-site or at our home shop.

For any work not listed or when combining multiple jobs, our shop rate is $60/hour.  The shop rate for professional instruments is $85/hour.

We guarantee our work for 6 months after the repair completion date.

Less common instruments not listed here such as bass flutes, alto clarinets, C-melody saxes, English Horns, contrabass instruments etc. will be estimated upon inspection.

**SCHOOL ACCOUNTS receive a 25% DISCOUNT from the pricing listed below**


Woodwind job descriptions

Cleaning:  Includes complete disassembly of the instrument, sterilization and, on metal instruments, chemical cleaning. Silver-plated instruments are polished or wood instruments are oiled ifnecessary. Keys are hand cleaned/polished and instrument is reassembled.

Play condition:  May include, but is not limited to, minor replacement of pads and corks, alignment of keys, regulations, levelling or reseating pads, securing loose threads.   Prices may vary.

Complete repad:  Includes complete disassembly and cleaning of the instrument and keys.  Silver-plated instruments are polished and wood instruments are oiled if necessary.  All pads, felts, key corks, and tenon/head corks are replaced.  Key heights are regulated.  Unnecessary lost motion is removed from keywork.  Mechanical noise is reduced or removed.  Minor dents are removed and frozen keys are freed.  Key articulation is regulated.  Instrument is play tested.  Case is cleaned.

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Other Woodwind work 

Replace tenon/head/neck cork                              $15/3 for $30

Pad replacement: felt bladder/glue-ins                   $8

Replace pad: leather, cork, or screw-in                  $15

Replace springs                                                      $15

Minor accessible dents                                           $20 and up

Regulations and thread lock screws                       $30

Silver solder a broken key                                       $30

Free frozen/binding keys                                         $20 and up

Solder point                                                             $20- 30

Straighten flute body                                               $20 – 60

Remove saxophone bell crease                             $30

Align saxophone bell and body                               $75

Crack pinning on clarinet/oboe                               $75